Have you noticed that you don't feel as present as you would like to?  
Do you sometimes feel disconnected from your body and your experience?  
This session is done remotely through a shamanic drumming journey and channeling to connect with your higher self, your divine essence, and assist it in reclaiming or releasing that which is causing you to feel disconnected. It's fairly common that our souls have experienced traumas in other lifetimes, in addition to this current lifetime, and when that happens it energetically separates us from the wholeness of our being. 
Often times it can show up as not feeling in our body and not having communion with our bodies which keeps us from feeling present and embodied and enjoying being in our bodies. It can also cause an energetic imbalance in the masculine and feminine energies that make up the majority of our energy field.
This session will facilitate those experiences and energetically balance and restore you to wholeness in masculine and feminine energies which contributes to more presence and joy with embodiment. 
*Highly recommended for those who have suffered any kind of abuse, especially sexual and/or physical*
The first portion of this session is done remotely so the time you choose upon scheduling is not relevant.  
Please book the session for any time slot available. You will be contacted after the channeling portion of the session is complete (usually within 7 business days) to schedule your follow up zoom call (30 minutes) for integration and any further facilitation that may be required.