They are the backbone where your power resides.

If you aren’t standing in them, you’ll be trampled energetically and it may show up in your body as well through being sick, weak, lacking energy and more.

The way you engage with yourself shows up in your connections, your body and physical space and everything you do.

You can not have the experiences, connections, money or anything else you desire if you don’t have clear physical and energetic boundaries.

First you have to know what those are FOR YOU and be willing to look at why and how they affect your life and everything in it.

Then you have to know how to set them and keep them in place.

Boundaries can make or break everything.

Your initiation into Boundary Badassery is calling, will you answer?

Enter the gate to be ripped open and step into your power...

Do you tend to go out of your way for people at the cost of your own emotional, mental or physical health?

Are you the one that everyone comes to when they need something and you struggle with saying no?

Do you find yourself often backing down from the truth because you are trying to avoid confrontation or upsetting others?

Often feel overwhelmed or taken advantage of?

Do you notice passive aggressive behavior with others?

Have you ended up with rigid boundaries where you don’t let anyone in?

Do you attract narcissists and emotional manipulation in your connections?

Have a job or relationship you hate that makes you miserable?

Does drama and catastrophe follow you? Always losing things? Often feel like a ‘black cloud’ or bad luck follows you?

Do you often feel alone?

Find that you are sick and lack energy often?

Do you catch yourself emotional eating or struggling with weight loss or weight gain and can’t seem to get a hold on your sugar intake?

Catch yourself using ‘empathy’ as a reason for doing or not things?

On the other side awaits a space and way of being with yourself you’ve never experienced.

Join me for 4 weeks of stepping into Boundary Badassery and creating the life that lights you up!

We start November 12th!

Calls will be every Thursday for 4 weeks at 7pm EST(minus Thanksgiving day) through a private facebook group and zoom. Time to be determined. You will receive an email with more information within 24 hours of registering.

Join us for Boundary Badassery. 
You can't afford not to. 
Your power is priceless.