How honest are you with yourself?

We often learn pretty young to tell white lies and overlook what we know is true.

Then that rolls into adulthood and becomes a way of functioning within ourselves.

We aren't taught to set boundaries and standards with ourselves and instead find ourselves projecting them at and requesting them from others.

What we are taught is to keep the tribe (parents, relatives, family, friends, teachers, etc.) happy.

And to not be 'too much' because that makes others uncomfortable.

We numb ourselves out. Often even losing the ability to feel.

We end up abandoning ourselves for what we think is love.

Then we distance ourselves from other people because we think they are responsible for what is actually our unwillingness to connect within.

You can’t trust anyone if you don’t trust yourself.

You can’t trust yourself if you’re not living in truth with yourself.

And whether it's conscious or not, it becomes a way of being until you recognize the program and shift it.

Here's the thing.

You're not a victim.

No one did anything to you.

You came here at your own will and by your own command.

You chose the codes and templates that create your energy field and it's your responsibility to change
them in order to BE who you're here to be!

What your soul wants to remind you of is that it all is a part of your UNBECOMING what you aren't and BEING what you are.

What keeps you stuck is your attachment to your identity and your stories.

Who you think you are and who you have been told you are.

The patterns and ways of being that you created to protect yourself.

As if a divine being needs protection!

What a divine being needs is TRUTH.

You just forgot.

The truth of you is in your bones.

It's the foundation for everything else that is YOU.

You're responsible for your own trauma and ending the cycles.

You have everything within you to create the dream life you want.

Every. Fucking. Thing.

So you come to the crossroads where you get to choose to go in and meet the divinity that is YOU.

To explore the places in your life you have been aware of truths but aren’t embodying them and living in them.

This is how you call into creation what you’re here for and live it potently and powerfully.

It’s how you TRULY LOVE YOURSELF - intiMEcy!

Ready or not it’s time. Time to trust in your own sovereignty and do the thing.

Remember - what you don't change, you are choosing!

You know if this is for you. You feel it in every cell of your body.

Join me for 8 weeks in a group container with weekly zoom calls and a private group to uncover, explore and step into embodying your divine expression.
We start November 4th. More details to follow!

If you have questions, you can email Andrea here!