About Andrea Lynn

Andrea Lynn is an Oracle and Catalyst for Sovereign Embodiment. As a channel for divine inspiration from source, she assists you in changing the energies you're functioning from through facilitation, energy work and shadow work by activating your sovereign codes and divine blueprint so you can live from your purest divine expression and thrive in all areas of your life! In doing so you're able to function in a way that allows you to alchemize all the "stuff" that isn't YOU!  You are your own healer. Along with her truth serum, multidimensional gifts, intuition and psychic abilities she guides you to the path your intended to be on so you can create and live the amazing life you desire.

She is also mother of twins, lover of consciousness, professional fun-haver, spiritual adventurer and educator. She is an Intuitive Energy Alchemist, Shamanic Practitioner, Multidimensional Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master, and overall badass woman. She is certified in and uses various modalities to assist her clients in releasing past wounds and trauma so they can be empowered to step into their full potential as divine beings and more! She offers you an open heart, and non-judgmental space to assist you in stepping into more of you and embracing the gift and magic you are! 

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In 2014 she left behind the religious cult she was raised in including her marriage, and began a journey of self exploration working through her own emotional trauma, newly discovered codependency, sexual trauma and the self judgment that had woven its way into her being. The process was an intense amount of uncomfortableness and trying to do so without rushing through it, opening up to the journey for herself and her twins because she desired more for all of them! To this day she continues to choose growth and more for her life, and has created Awakened To Vitality, Inc. to help others do the same. 

Andrea's intention is to empower others to create a different reality with their bodies and their lives. Through her work she can help you move beyond any limitations you have encountered that keep you from living a life of fun, joy and ease! She does this by helping to remove the stories others are working through because she understands that road to self awareness. When you work with Andrea, you’ll have a difficult time not truly embracing the gift you are. She is an open, vibrant, strong, compassionate, genuine, empowering motivator who is authentic with everyone that crosses her path. She consistently inspires her clients to step into embracing more of their true joy, the you that you truly are! She holds the space for you to change what you haven’t been able to on your own. She invites you to find out what you are ready to release and what you are ready to choose, and to assist you in doing so.

She works with clients virtually around the globe. Please check out her google reviews as well as those on the Awakened To Vitality, Inc. Facebook page

You can apply here to work one on one with Andrea Lynn in a 4 week to 3 month container.  You will receive a follow up email with directions on scheduling a virtual interview if you meet the qualifications for one on one coaching. 

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What choice can you make today that will make your life worth living?!

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