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“An important part of my story is that I was raised in a cult-like religious home,” stated Andrea Lynn Diaz, CEO/owner of Awakened to Vitality, Inc., “It is a huge part of where I am now.” Diaz feels her desire to heal others stemmed from her painful past. “I started therapy to help me let go of some issues from the past. Anything connected to therapy is frowned upon in my former faith. You are not to go outside the council of the elders. I was in therapy for two years. A couple of years after that, a woman came out saying that she was sexually molested by her ‘cult.’ My girls were five years old at the time. It really upset me because the heads of the organization were telling the elders not to report it to the police. Having two 5-year-old girls, I really questioned what I was doing as a member. I basically chose to leave a very dysfunctional marriage after 20 years,” she recalled. “I left for myself and my kids. As an outcome of leaving my marriage to a man who was part of the ‘faith,’ I was shunned by my family and friends, many of whom I have known my entire life. We separated in 2014 and the divorce was final two years ago. It took me almost a year after leaving the religion before I ‘woke up.’ I kept thinking I was this awful person. I am still shunned by my father. My mom died in 2016 of ovarian cancer.” ....
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